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HAImoocon (Moonstone x City of Newcastle) Hybrid Tea, Deep Pink

Named after the breeder's wife, Toni Hains. This is a beautiful deep pink hybrid tea with strong growth and fast repeat blooms. It stands out across the garden bed with the large numbers of flowers carried by each bush on long single stems. It starts with a perfect pointed centre and opens to a ruffled old fashioned look, lasting for well over a week on the bush one it has opened. A great cut flower. Available from Donelle's Gift Garden and Florist, Qld.


Governor Marie Bashir

HAIbashir (Melinda Gainsford x Princess) Floribunda, Light Pink

Named in honour of Professor The Honourable Dame Marie Bashir AD CVO, former Governor of NSW. Dame Bashir was a patron of the NSW Rose Society for many years and was a great supporter of many community and charity groups both during her time in office and since retiring. This is a soft pink rose with a coral centre. Available  now from Swane's Nursery, NSW.



Royal Qld Show

HAIshow (Lenny x Seedling) Floribunda, Apricot

An apricot floribunda with the same disease resistance and vigour experienced with Lenny. The flowers fade from orange to pink and eventually to a greenish white. They last on the bush to give a plant with multi-coloured blooms all over it. Growth is 1.2-1.5m. Named for Qld's iconic EKKA, this rose is being released with small quantities in 2016 and wider distribution from 2017.


(Seedling x Kardinal) Miniflora, Orange

A miniflora with abundant vibrant orange blooms with perfect form.  Growth is a round 1m bush. Winner of the WFRS Miniature Basket at the NSRA National Rose Show in 2015.


HAIlenny (Moonstone x Seedling) Miniflora, Light Yellow

Named in honour of the late Len Johnstone to celebrate his 90th birthday. Lenny was a great fan of miniflora roses and his favorite colour was yellow. This is a truly vigorous plant. With good rose culture and care, Lenny will grow from a small plant for a full sized bush within 12 months. Initially it puts out many blooms on single stems and with maturity it will give many multi-head blooms. Strong disease resistance.


Tony Stallwood

HAImoogol (Moonstone x Gold Medal) Floribunda, Pink Blend

Named in honour of Tony Stallwood to celebrate his 80th birthday. Tony was President of the Queensland Rose Society for 15 years and twice President of the National Rose Society of Australia. The lovely pink and white floribunda is a prize winner that grows well in different climates. It won a Bronze Medal in the Queensland Rose Trial Garden and a Certificate of Merit at the National Rose Trial Gardens of Australia in Adelaide.


Queensland Gold

HAImelhon (Melinda Gainsford x Seedling) Floribunda,  Yellow Blend

This rose was released in August 2017 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Queensland Council of Garden Clubs (QCGC). As the Golden anniversary rose, it's appropriately called Queensland Gold. We are looking to have more stock in late 2018.


Bride's Bouquet

(Princess x Coronation Gold) Miniflora, White

Think of this flower as a bigger version of Irresisitible. While not related at all, it has a similar form to the flower, The bush has less thorns, bright glossy foliage and stronger disease resistance than  irresistible. It is registered as a miniflora rose.

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